How I Found Yoga

I plan to share a lot about yoga and so I thought it would be important to first introduce how I found it and why I am so passionate about it. There are so many ways yoga can be beneficial and so many ways to incorporate yoga into your life. It is more than just a physical activity and is way more than just being bendy. It is not a religion but does take you on a spiritual path. Yoga is not for the flexible, it is for the willing. 

My second pregnancy was completely different than my first. I carried differently, my body felt different, mentally I felt down more often than not, and my energy level was beyond low. By my second trimester I was carrying very low and he loved the right side. I started loosing feeling in my right hip which often traveled down my leg. My doctor didn’t offer much advice for this and was more interested in prescribing me some drug, I wanted a solution not a mask, so the search was on to find a way to have some comfort.

Someone mentioned yoga to me, said it would be good for me to do hip openers, my body would appreciate it come time for labor anyway. Thanks to youtube I was able to explore yoga from the comfort of my own home!! I found Sarah Beth Yoga. She had a prenatal series, along with a ton of other free videos. Did it help? Tremendously!! The pain in my back was not near as bad and the loss of feeling in my hip minimal. I did yoga as much as I could up until the day I delivered and could not wait to get back into it the moment the doc released me to exercise. At this point I had no clue all the benefits I just knew I enjoyed the movement and the exercise aspect. 

At the time there was a studio right around the corner from my house. I decided to go in for a class. GAME CHANGER!! The energy in the room and of course the guidance from an instructor was exactly what I needed to fall in love even more. I tell people two things about yoga every chance I get. One, yoga changed my life. Two, yoga brought spirituality into my life in a way I never thought possible. When I say yoga changed my life I mean it brought out a new person in me I didn't know. I began to abandon things I only thought were what made me who I was. Life began to feel like it had purpose, a flow, a direction without chaos. I was able to take the balance from my mat to my everyday flow of life. Breathing techniques helped me calm my nerves in stressful situations throughout my day. Yoga is something that I crave and I have a deep desire to grow my practice. In the beginning I would go as much as I could. Taking vinyasa, hot 26/2 and slow flows. I was learning things about myself and pushing my body to do its limits. It was adventurous, strenuous mentally and physically, but I was experiencing life on a new energetic level.

My practice came to an abrupt stop when tragedy struck my family. I will share more about this another time. After the tragedy I was scared to do yoga, scared to meditate, scared to be quiet in my own head, scared I would not be able to find tranquility. This fear is what steered me away from yoga when yoga is what I needed most. True with most things I guess. Things we fear or things that are hard, those are usually what we need or should be doing the most. Live and learn, right? 

I got back into my practice, slowly, but I was at least coming to the mat. I was practicing at home and while I do enjoy that like I said before, practicing in a studio and sharing energy with others is transformational. I also knew that if I wanted to advance my practice I needed some real life guidance with alignment, something YouTube couldn’t offer. Once I found a new studio to practice I dedicated to three days a week. From there it just increased. Yoga is a journey, one that is different for everyone, my journey has become one of the most rewarding and difficult things in my life. I kept pushing, my mind and body craved more. Before I knew it I was practicing five days a week. In 2017 I felt my practice start to plateau and I was really drawn to sharing yoga with others. In January 2019 I signed up for yoga teacher training at Vibe Yoga in Allen, TX. BEST decision EVER!! Spiritually my practice took on a whole new life, fundamentally my practice transformed, AND I have a sisterhood with an amazing group of woman along with mentors I value. Six months into training I discovered I would be having a baby!!! I have continued practicing throughout pregnancy with great respect to my body and the baby. I feel amazing and cannot wait to meet this bundle of joy. I look forward to another transformation in my physical practice after the baby comes and cannot wait to share that with you. 

Challenging myself takes me places others are afraid to go!

Dana Ashley
Living My Best 


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