Weekly Goals

Weekly Goals

I am a fan of weekly goals...why? One week is enough time to accomplish several realistic goals AND a short enough time for you to see the WINS or the things that didn't work. It also gives you a chance to catch procrastination. Get so intentional with the long term goals that you are able to branch those into short term goals. Get honest with yourself and be willing to call out changes that need to be made that hold you back, AND when you accomplish something acknowledge it! You deserve it!
Something I struggle with is... this does not mean take on more tasks. This means have a strategy to accomplish what needs to be accomplished. When you have a strategy and you are knocking things off the list you are getting yourself into a habit of creating and executing your intentions! Average time to create a habit is sixty six days, that's nine and a half weeks! Being successful stems from two things, knowing what you want and a strategy to accomplish it. Simple.

This week my goals are:
  • Personal development daily
  • Continue developing the schedule and Back to School plan
  • Declutter/Purge something - CLEAR THE CLOSET!
  • Add someone new to my team
  • Yoga practice 5 days
  • No yelling - Positive parenting
  • Finish the book I am reading

What are your goals this week? What is your strategy?


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