TOTAL Home Makeover! Day 11...
Now that you can identify what could potentially be causing you harm within your home you are ready to replace those bad products and implement a lifestyle of wellness, purpose, and abundance! It is important to understand that you are replacing products not adding products to what you are already buying. In fact, remember I told you the products are versatile, many of the Young Living products can be used for different things. Let's take one that is not so obvious, seedlings baby wipes can also be used for dryer sheets, makeup removing cloths, gentle face wipes for kids, dry bath sheets for dogs, and more! This saves a ton of money and space!!! Being part of this YL community has helped me learn more about this lifestyle but also how to maximize the use of my products and save even more! Remember that with this journey there are no small swaps, so whether you overhaul room by room or product by product the bigger picture here is change and impact in a positive way for your wellness.
With the rewards programs that YL has in place it makes it so easy to save, experience new products, and share with our friends and family. So if you are ready to get on track to a better lifestyle then click HERE and send me a message that you said yes to wellness!!! I cannot wait for you to join our community and jumpstart your journey!

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