How to Cleanse the Energy in Your Home

How to Cleanse the Energy in Your Home

As we move into the months of reflection our space should be fresh. Time to clear out the stale energy and clutter of the year. You can't see the dust of the energy that settles in your home, and if you don't occasionally cleanse it, that stale energy will collect and affect the way you and others feel in the space. Have you ever walked into a room and just felt icky? Just like people places carry energy. Simple tasks combined with the use of essential oils and crystals you can help invite prosperity, clarity, and good vibes. In the coming months you will be spending more time inside, you want the energy in your home to support and uplift you. Clutter is the biggest sign of blocked energy in the home and prevents energy to flow freely. If you pay close enough attention you will be able to tell the areas of your home that feel like there is stale energy. Drawing on ancient techniques the use of essential oils and crystals along with a few other habits can give great results. A pure clean environment is also best for the use of crystals and I recommend cleansing crystals before using them. So if you are noticing stale energy and negative vibes here are some simple tasks to cleanse the space. 

Energy is all around us. The more mindful we are about energy the more we can understand it’s impact. There are many ways we can release negative energy. Getting rid of negative energy from within can be done simply by practicing mindfulness. Bringing yourself into the present moment makes you more aware. 

Getting the negative energy out of the home

  • Clear our the clutter. 

  • Let in the breeze. Open your windows.

  • Dust, sweep, and mop.
  • Smudge with sage.

  • Protect your space with crystals.

  • Spray or diffuse orange essential oil.

Before using crystals I recommend cleansing them. They collect and carry energy as well, so you want to be sure that energy is the energy you want in your space. I love to put my crystals out in the rain every chance I get. This natural cleansing also gives them a connection to nature. Once my crystals have been cleansed in the rain I leave them outside for one full night and one full day so that they have a charge from the moon and the sun. I let my intuition naturally guide me when I place them in my home and I visualize what their use is whether for protection, love, peace, joy, clarity, creativity, etc.

Why orange oil you ask... For the sake of keeping things simple, orange has a sweet and bright aroma that is so uplifting and known to stimulate creativity. It is delightful on its own or perfect for any fall diffuser blend. 

Cleansing room spray:
In a glass spray bottle mix 5-15 drops of orange essential oil (depending on the size of your bottle), 2 tbsp Witch Hazel, top with distilled water!

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