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My journey to wellness...

My path to wellness started sometime around 2012 after having my gallbladder removed and doing a ton of research about industrialized farming. I was determined to know better so I could feel better. It was around this time that I decided to move to a plant based diet and begin working on having a healthy mind and body. 

In 2014 I became a mom for the second time! This little guy of mine suffered from severe eczema. After becoming steroid and antibiotic toxic my husband and I decided to transition our wellness regimen and incorporate a more preventative approach while putting the entire house on a plant based diet. I am happy to report that we cured his eczema with diet alone!

Several years later I was introduced to some plant based products. I had been purchasing what I thought were safe products that claimed to be free of this and free of that. Like many consumers I was fooled by common marketing "buzz words". It was then that I decided it would not only be my mission to share ways to achieve optimal health, how to apply preventative practices, but also to show others how to become an empowered consumer. 

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