Not the “R” Word

Intention vs Resolution

There is something refreshing about January. It is a time for us to reflect on things that have been working and things that have not, and is an opportunity for setting new goals for ourselves. Many people use this time of year to set that “R” word… resolutions. I personally decided long ago resolutions were not for me. The word resolution itself has a negative connotation as if to resolve some problem… The definition: a firm decision to do or not to do something, doesn’t sound very promising or sustainable.   

Perhaps a different approach to setting ourselves up for success in the year ahead is in order. For starters let’s change the language we use. Intention: an aim or plan, something you aim to achieve. Sounds like something that will stick if you ask me! An intention is something that we can actively work on manifesting in our lives. Setting intentions are more dimensional than a resolution ever could be. By setting intentions we can be more mindful of the commitments we make. Intentions are clear not only to us but to others as well. 

Mindfully making a daily effort to work toward your core intentions for the year sets us up for success. Holding ourselves accountable for these core intentions and making adjustments along the way will offer up a more healthy approach to setting and achieving our goals. Journaling, daily affirmations, lists, accountability buddy, or vision boards are a few ways to be mindful, daily about where you stand with your intentions. I have done this in the way of a bullet journal which I loved and also offered up a creative outlet for myself. I have used daily affirmations on a desktop calendar that reflected exactly what I needed to focus on for that day. A large poster board with core intentions and your plan written out can be a great daily reminder, put it somewhere you will see often throughout your day. And my absolute favorite has to be vision boards. There is something powerful in the way of imagery. I have accomplished many goals through vision boards. They can be done daily in a journal or done on poster boards and hung throughout your house or work space. 

Positive reinforcement encompasses the intention approach! Whatever your intentions are going to be for the upcoming year be clear with yourself about them. Make it clear how you intend to get there. Express your vision to those closest to you that can be your support system. Most importantly learn to express daily gratitude. Good luck and here’s to a successful and prosperous 2020!

Dana Ashley

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