Essential Oils

Another approach to wellness

Essential oils are something that I have incorporated in my wellness journey with my entire family. I recently decided, after lots of research, to join the Young Living family. The ethics and quality this company sets is something I look for as a consumer and the move felt right for me. I wanted to make a short intro post this week that will lead into a LIVE class I will be sharing on my Facebook page next week. This class is FREE and is an intro to oils and the information provided here and in that class are based on Young Living products. Not only is Young Living a company that operates by ethics I can support as a consumer but they also offer great incentives in the way of monthly rewards, ways to get free product, AND supplement income or even be your sole income source. The reason I point this out is because I have a large network of friends that stay home with their kids (which is a HIGH demand job but the pay is NOT monetary) and are looking for ways to either supplement their household income this year or have an income of their own. Whatever you are looking to do this class will be an introduction to oils and at least get you thinking of new ways to elevate your alternative wellness methods. Maybe you are using them now and buy them just wherever you can find them, maybe you are curious about using them, or maybe you have never even thought of incorporating them into your life. This class is for you! I have said before that I feel a great urge to share the knowledge I have gained from my personal wellness journey and know that it has value and will impact others! My wellness journey has many paths and this is one of them!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils produced from plant material by steam distillation, extraction, cold pressing, or resin distillation. They are extracted from botanicals such as flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, and seeds. Young Living has high standards when it comes to business practices. They focus on sustainably sourcing plants, uplifting communities, and adhere to ethical production practices as well as comply with all environmental laws. Essential oils offer many benefits in the way of health and wellness and especially have a place in that mind body connection I am greatly passionate about!

How do I use them?

There are three ways to use essential oils. Aromatic, topical, and internal. Aromatically essential oils can be put into a diffuser, humidifiers should not be used for oils. We have diffusers in every bedroom, in the living room, kitchen, and my husband and I both have small desktop diffusers on our desks. A total of seven in our house and they are almost always running. I no longer use candles, air fresheners, or wax burners.

Topically oils can be used neat (without a carrier) or diluted with a carrier. I recommend starting slow and using a carrier when you are just getting started until you know how your body will tolerate the oils. Every BODY is different so there is no guarantee how each will tolerate the different oils. Carrier oils you can use include olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or Young Living’s V-6. There are many dilution suggestions available on the great internet so do some looking and playing around with this. I personally have several go to oils AND blends and we will talk about those in the FREE online class next week. I have replaced perfume with them and use them in many other ways topically as well. Topically you can focus on reflexology points for application. The bottom of our feet is a great place to apply because they are absorption points and contain some of the largest pores on our body. Other places include back of neck, spine, chest, and wrists. Eyes and inside of the ears should ALWAYS be avoided. 

Young Living has a line of ingestible oils that are marked Vitality. These can be used in cooking, dropped under the tongue, or by putting 1-2 drops into vegetable capsules and diluted with a carrier oil. You can also mix in tea, water, juice, yogurt, plant based milk and they are great to use while cooking. I love using them in my morning and evening tea!

Essential oils have many benefits and are very versatile. Many oils can be used for a number of things. This is something we will touch on in another post AND in my Facebook LIVE class next week. I do want to discuss quality in this post as it is VERY important. There are several oil grades and along with that things you should be aware of. Starting out this was something I was oblivious to and was just trying to purchase whatever was the least expensive or discounted. WRONG APPROACH!!! I created a chart for all my visual learners out there and you can see that below. Grade A is the Therapeutic Grade. Grade A is pure and unadulterated. Young Living never compromises quality by adding synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers. All of their oils are sourced carefully and are Grade A. They have a Seed to Seal sourcing promise and more can be read at  Grade B oils are considered natural/food grade. Natural meaning organic but may still contain chemicals or fillers. Grade C oils are perfume oils. These are altered and contain chemicals and solvents. Then there are Floral Waters, these are very low quality synthetic or nature-like oils. These typically are found in hair and skin products. You know the saying “you get what you pay for” this is absolutely the case when it comes to essential oils. Cheaper is NOT better and in my opinion NOT safe. 

Hopefully this has you thinking and I can offer more insight next week in my FREE online introduction class. Head over to my Facebook page and I will be posting more information about the class this evening. Hope to see you LIVE next Tuesday!

Dana Ashley

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