Limiting Beliefs

Habits to Transform YOU

With a heightened state of mind you become capable of anything!
Where your focus goes energy flows!

Limiting beliefs are those that YOU believe to be true often holding you back from making certain choices, keep you from seeing different opportunities, preventing you from seeing or accepting your own talents, keeps you focused on negative outcomes or circumstances. These beliefs are built from old memories of pain and pleasure and are based on how you interpret and internalize them. They are implanted in you by family, teachers, media, or culture. Your belief system is based on people and circumstances you attach to emotionally. Consciously you are distorting or generalizing these as you go about your day to make assumptions about self and others along with theories and ideas about how things should be. You carry these even if they do not serve you in the present moment.

When the subconscious and conscious are aligned things work out much better. Many times you are stranded between where you want to go and why you can’t get there. Just by shifting your own interpretation of a situation you can feel better, in turn this will create a better outcome in the future. With a heightened state of mind you are capable of ANYTHING!

Analyze this:
What are your limiting beliefs for the following? Or maybe rate them and reflect and re-rate later.
-Physical Body
What are your top three? What might happen if you CHOOSE not to change that?

So, what do you do to change these limiting beliefs that you have been carrying around for years upon years?
-What is the negative?
-Surrender & Grace
It is only true if you believe it to be so. Change the self talk that allows
that belief to have truth.
-Train a new belief.
Beliefs are just thoughts repeated. So keep repeating
the new belief.
YOU create your reality! Now live by the new belief with confidence. You
know that saying “Fake it till you make it”? That is this. Eventually, after
consistently taking action to live out your new belief things will fall right
in place just as you intended.

Our minds are powerful tools. Use them wisely!
What the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve!

Dana Ashley

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