Our Energy and Frequency


Everything, including our physical and spiritual body is energy and has frequency. In sanskrit we refer to this vital energy as prana, which translates to vital life force. Prana flows through all living things and objects. All of this energy is connected and we are all affected by the energy that surrounds us. Having blocked or negative energy leads to feelings of sadness, anger, doubt. People with positive and free flowing energy of high frequency spread that through love, happiness, and gratitude.

Our spiritual energy functions through a very unique system, chakras. Prana can become blocked. We unblock with energy healing techniques that include yoga, breath work, aroma therapy, sound therapy, or crystal healing. Total you have one hundred fourteen chakras in your body each one an energy center. There are seven main chakras that have a huge impact on your energy frequency. The chakra system has influence over our organs and their function, behaviors, emotions. Each has its own vibrational frequency that radiates color.

The seven chakras start at the base of your spine and flow up. The upper three are connected to the divine or higher consciousness. The lower three ground us to the earth. The fourth, the heart, is your unique essence.

Blocked chakras occur from tension, stress, or trauma that linger in our body. Imbalances are less severe and easier to move past. Persistent problems are likely to be blockages and typically take longer to resolve. Balancing chakras heals them and us.

The next seven posts we will dive into each chakra with recommendations for healing and balancing them. On April 11th I will be doing a LIVE class that will discuss parts of this even deeper. Click HERE to join the class, its FREE!

Dana Ashley

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