Throat Chakra


The throat chakra is located at the center of the neck around the throat. This is our hub for communication, balance, and expression. Here we speak and seek our highest truth. Communication both verbal and body language are energetically stored here. Throat chakra is the element of ether, or sound. It is associated with the color blue and is represented by a sixteen petaled lotus with a downward facing triangle with a circle in the center. The petals represent the Kalas, the stages of development or ability. They span from born from seed to establishment is the God-Self. They are also said to be related to the Kalas of Lord Krishna which are more related to expression. The triangle in the center is facing downward but representational of upward and open giving a channel for consciousness to the soul. The center circle is said to be a full moon.

How do you know if the throat chakra is out of balance or blocked?
-Negative self talk
-Withholding truth
-Limiting beliefs
-Jaw pain
-Throat infections

How can you heal the throat chakra?
Opening the energy in the throat allows you to communicate freely and express true feelings. Throat is the bridge between heart and mind so it is very important to have this channel open. This will allow you to have creative ideas, empathy, and truths that are effortless. Meditation with music is a good idea since the element here is sound. The seed mantra for the throat chakra is HAM (pronounced hummmmmmmm). Chanting this sends positive vibration to the throat chakra. Yoga poses that open and stretch the throat will help clear the channel between heart and mind. Salmba Bhujangasana (Sphinx Pose) is a passive stretch that provides strength in the neck and opens the throat. Ustrasana (Camel Pose) will balance energies in the neck and throat while releasing tension opening the heart as well. Follow modifications for this as full expression of this pose is not for everyone. Salamba Sarvangasana (Supported Shoulderstand) is a great pose for stretching and opening the back of the throat chakra. Halasana (Supported Plow Pose) sends energy to the throat while stretching the back of the neck and shoulders. DO NOT MOVE YOUR HEAD while in this pose. Crystals associated with the throat chakra are typically blue or green. They will aid in releasing negative energy with communication. Apatite is the stone of truth and is powerful with personal goals. Chrysocolla is the stone of communication known to clam nerves and contain feminine energy. Using essential oils aromatically will trigger the throat chakra through smell. Suggested oils are bergamot, blue tansy, geranium. Valor from Young Living is my go to for this chakra!

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Dana Ashley

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