Mindfulness is as simple as being present in the moment. It’s focusing on life in the moment as it is and not thinking about what you did or what you will do. The benefits of mindfulness range from reducing stress, increased focus, better decision making, reduce anxiety, increase happiness, allow gratitude. Many of us spend the majority of our day in autopilot. This means that the majority of your day is spent absorbed in a wandering mind and NOT present in your life. A dreamlike state almost as if you aren’t really there. Living this way restricts us from the many finer things in life and can fixate our thinking. The stress of “getting things done” instead of really living is a real sickness for our psyche.

Mindfulness is the opposite. It is purpose, intentional, focus. Consciously on purpose recognizing things in the present moment. Allowing ourselves to be completely engaged in the now. Let go of control. Let go of tension. Let go of judgement. Become only the watcher. Becoming self aware. Understanding our own character, motives, and feelings can be a challenge. Admitting to those things to make changes is transforming. The answers we seek come when the mind is still and quiet. 

Mindfulness practice comes in many forms. A more formal approach is meditation. Meditation looks many ways as well but is traditionally done in a seated position with the eyes closed but attention toward the third eye. It can be done in a quiet place or with the sound of calming music or using seed mantras. Meditation can also be done with movement in the form of yoga, tai chi, running, or even doing the dishes. 

Mindfulness, once an ancient spiritual practice, is now becoming mainstream. Wellness has without a doubt taken a shift to include mind, body, and spirit. If you are seeking bliss, less stress, peace of mind, or just looking to look within a daily mindfulness practice is necessary. If you are new to this you may even grab a journal and document how your mindful journey unfolds. It will be eye opening when you are able to reflect back one day.

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