Learning to exhale

Breathing is one of the best tools for mindfulness. How? You can do it anywhere, anytime, nothing else required. Bringing awareness to the breath brings you into the moment. When you become distracted by negative thoughts or emotions a simple inhale and exhale with intention and focus can draw your thoughts back to present.

Have you ever stopped to observe your breath randomly? Ever recognize that you were holding your breath unintentionally? This happens when we feel tension. Anger and fear dramatically change our breathing patterns. Typically these patterns become more rapid with less focus on the exhale. This does several things. Not only do these rapid breaths speed up our heart rate, allow our mind to race, we stay in that fight or flight mode, and stale air remains in the body.

Slowing down the breath, drawing focus inward, making the exhales just as long if not longer offer rapid change from within. Our blood pressure naturally lowers, heart rate lowers, our focus is redirected, mind resets giving us room to make clearer decisions. The exhale releases toxins and allows room for fresh oxygen to enter the body.

Regular breathing exercises will help you manage stress and find balance. There are many breathing exercises out there to explore as well.
Alternate Nostril Breathing, Bellows Breath, Dragons Breath, Skull Shining Breath, just to name a few. Head over to @livingmybestdash on IG or Facebook an explanation of these exercises.
Until next time… Inhale. Exhale. Repeat.

Dana Ashley

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