Two of my biggest weaknesses in achieving utmost peace and harmony with myself is worry. Worry about the future and worry about the past. Reminding myself I am in control of how I feel and I am the creator of my day is very powerful to me. The use of mantras is transformational for negative thought. Mantra practice or repeating affirmations can seem very mechanical at first. It is in fact the opposite and will give you a deeper understanding of self and spiritual insights.

Mantras, commonly used in Hinduism and Buddhism for thousands of years, are words, sacred sounds, prayers or phrases used in meditation. Believed to raise physical vibration and positively affect body and mind. They help to focus concentration, deepen meditation, achieve inner peace and connect to a higher power. Many people are familiar with a Sanskrit word Om or Aum. This is the most important mantra of all. Translated as the Universal Sound or Vibration of the Universe, it is completely non-denominational in that it symbolizes the creation itself.

Affirmations are positive statements, the process of affirming something to ourselves. They have different origins than mantras, although both are often used interchangeably. It is the meaning that matters, not the sound. Part of my mantra practice includes choosing affirmations that I write down in my journal. They can be for something specific that I am manifesting or an intention I am setting for a particular day, week, or month. Affirmations are great to put with visual representations. This is more commonly known as vision boards. This is a great for manifestation.

Until next week!
Dana Ashey
Living My Best DAsh

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