Sacral Chakra


The sacral chakra, second chakra, is where we store our deepest emotions and is our creative energy. Located two inches below the navel just above the sacrum. This chakra takes on the element of water. When in balance we feel fluidity in our connection with self and others. When out of balance we feel tension in our hips, a desire for isolation, low back pain, creative block, and sexual dysfunction. The sacral chakra connects us with our inner most feelings and desires. Being a water element it directly represents the flow of life as we encounter highs and lows in our life. The color associated with the sacral chakra is orange. The symbol for sacral is a six petaled lotus with two centric circles in the middle that form a crescent moon shape. The six petals of the Sacral Chakra Symbol traditionally symbolize six qualities which are to be overcome to purify this Chakra – anger, hatred, jealousy, cruelty, desire and pride.

How do you know if you are blocked or out of balance in the sacral?
Your emotional balance is comprised of yin and yang energy. Excessive yang brings insensitivity and aggression. With excessive yin we become hypersensitive and lack self-care.
-Discomfort in low back, kidneys, bladder
-Creative block
-Stifled sexual desire
-Heavy emotions of anger, sadness, sense of overwhelm

How can you heal the sacral chakra?
This chakra is your “aliveness”! It is where your creative and sexual energy lives. To heal the sacral your root must first be in good balance, allowing a clear path of energy between the two. Exploring creativity by the way of journaling, painting, moving with dance and exploring sexuality will begin to heal this chakra. Doing some self care that boost your self esteem and confidence are also great way to begin the balance and healing. When your sacral chakra is in balance other people will be drawn to your energy. Give yourself a water element during mediation. The seed mantra for the sacral is VAM (pronounced fvammm) and chanting this awakens the sacral energy. Yoga poses that engage deep core muscles and open the hips will promote free flow of energy through the sacral chakra. Malasana (Yogi Squat) with focused energy to the sacral chakra and engaging the core will aid in balancing the sacral. Eka Pada Utkatasana (Figure Four Chair Pose) engages the core and opens the hips while promoting balance. Ananda Balasana (Happy Baby) calms the mind and releases tension in the back. The crystals for this chakra have abilities to heal emotional issues. Bloodstone is the stone of detoxification. It is a type of Jasper and is red, green, or brown. This stone assists with letting go of other peoples negative energy you may be holding on to. Carnelian is the stone of passion. It is deep orange and laced with a white milky color. It ignites our inner passions and brings out creativity. Red Jasper is the stone of independence. Many Jasper come from the ocean in turn it will help smooth emotional tides. The Moonstone is the stone of balance. Great for balancing hormones and lunar energies. For the sacral we want to use essential oils that have aphrodisiac properties. These are strong florals that release tension and promote emotional balance. Bergamot, Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Rose are all good choices for the divine energy of the sacral chakra.

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Dana Ashley

Root Chakra


The root chakra is the first chakra and is located at the base of the spine. Specifically, it is between the genitals and the anus, it is connected to the earth in a seated position. This chakra encompasses all things that are grounding. The root is connected to security, stability, and safety. This is the foundation for which we build our life. Chakra color association comes from the frequency of light that corresponds to the spectrum of the rainbow. Root is represented by red which symbolizes strength and stimulates instinctive tendencies. The element to the root is the earth. When in balance you should feel grounded and secure. This element is the heaviest of elements and therefore allows you to be connected to Mother Earth assisting you with your nurturing side for yourself and others. The symbol of the root chakra is a four-petaled lotus flower with a downward pointing triangle in the center. The triangle is symbolic to spirit connection with earth and our earthly existence. It is in the center of our vital force that is seated in kundalini, female energy at the base of the spine, when this energy awakes it then sends energy upward through the other chakras.

How do you know if you are out of balance or blocked in the root?
This is your foundation, your center for safety. You may experience some of the following if your root is unhealthy:
-Feeling out of control
-Dizzy, anxious
-Difficulty being your authentic self
-Disconnect from people
-Dysfunction in relationships
Your chakras can be overactive as well. If yours is deficient then you will feel sluggish, tired, passive. If it is overactive you could feel lively, agitated, aggressive.

What do you do to heal the root?
The focus is to re-establish foundation and your connection to earth. One way to find connection to the earth would be to take your meditation practice outside. Feel the actual earth beneath you. Repeating the root chakra mantra LAM (pronounced lummmm) will offer vibrational stimulation that will calm the nervous system. There are several grounding yoga poses recommend for the root. Vrksasana (Tree Pose) is a great grounding pose the roots you to the ground and makes you feel supported as you open your heart and stretch your arms for the sky. Virabhadrasana II (Warrior II) is a fierce pose that helps direct the natural flow of energy in your body. Ado Mukha Savasana (Downward-Facing Dog) calms the mind as you send your breath to the root and focus your energy in your hands and feet into the earth. Buddha Konasana (Butterfly Pose) grounds you as you open the root and press it directly to the earth. Focus your energy and the breath to the root.
You can incorporate crystals and essential oils into your healing practice as well. Good crystals to use are usually the ones that are dark red, brown, or black like garnet, hematite, onyx, or tourmaline. The oil choices should be those with an earthy profile to offer a sense of grounding. Tourmaline is a stone for protection and help with negative energy. Onyx is the stone for support. It will help you move through grief and transition. Hematite is the stone for grounding. Garnet is the stone of stability. It will assist with revitalizing you while encouraging warmth and understanding. Essential oils are a great way to assist with healing. Earthy oils like frankincense, sandalwood, cedar wood, patchouli are good ones to consider for the root.

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Dana Ashley

Our Energy and Frequency


Everything, including our physical and spiritual body is energy and has frequency. In sanskrit we refer to this vital energy as prana, which translates to vital life force. Prana flows through all living things and objects. All of this energy is connected and we are all affected by the energy that surrounds us. Having blocked or negative energy leads to feelings of sadness, anger, doubt. People with positive and free flowing energy of high frequency spread that through love, happiness, and gratitude.

Our spiritual energy functions through a very unique system, chakras. Prana can become blocked. We unblock with energy healing techniques that include yoga, breath work, aroma therapy, sound therapy, or crystal healing. Total you have one hundred fourteen chakras in your body each one an energy center. There are seven main chakras that have a huge impact on your energy frequency. The chakra system has influence over our organs and their function, behaviors, emotions. Each has its own vibrational frequency that radiates color.

The seven chakras start at the base of your spine and flow up. The upper three are connected to the divine or higher consciousness. The lower three ground us to the earth. The fourth, the heart, is your unique essence.

Blocked chakras occur from tension, stress, or trauma that linger in our body. Imbalances are less severe and easier to move past. Persistent problems are likely to be blockages and typically take longer to resolve. Balancing chakras heals them and us.

The next seven posts we will dive into each chakra with recommendations for healing and balancing them. On April 11th I will be doing a LIVE class that will discuss parts of this even deeper. Click HERE to join the class, its FREE!

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Limiting Beliefs

Habits to Transform YOU

With a heightened state of mind you become capable of anything!
Where your focus goes energy flows!

Limiting beliefs are those that YOU believe to be true often holding you back from making certain choices, keep you from seeing different opportunities, preventing you from seeing or accepting your own talents, keeps you focused on negative outcomes or circumstances. These beliefs are built from old memories of pain and pleasure and are based on how you interpret and internalize them. They are implanted in you by family, teachers, media, or culture. Your belief system is based on people and circumstances you attach to emotionally. Consciously you are distorting or generalizing these as you go about your day to make assumptions about self and others along with theories and ideas about how things should be. You carry these even if they do not serve you in the present moment.

When the subconscious and conscious are aligned things work out much better. Many times you are stranded between where you want to go and why you can’t get there. Just by shifting your own interpretation of a situation you can feel better, in turn this will create a better outcome in the future. With a heightened state of mind you are capable of ANYTHING!

Analyze this:
What are your limiting beliefs for the following? Or maybe rate them and reflect and re-rate later.
-Physical Body
What are your top three? What might happen if you CHOOSE not to change that?

So, what do you do to change these limiting beliefs that you have been carrying around for years upon years?
-What is the negative?
-Surrender & Grace
It is only true if you believe it to be so. Change the self talk that allows
that belief to have truth.
-Train a new belief.
Beliefs are just thoughts repeated. So keep repeating
the new belief.
YOU create your reality! Now live by the new belief with confidence. You
know that saying “Fake it till you make it”? That is this. Eventually, after
consistently taking action to live out your new belief things will fall right
in place just as you intended.

Our minds are powerful tools. Use them wisely!
What the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve!

Dana Ashley

Birth Story

June RayAnn

When we first found out we were pregnant it was a bit of a shock. Thirty eight, a five year old, a fourteen year old, and a brand new puppy. I had been saying for years that I was done having kids. The thought of putting my body through another pregnancy was terrifying. With pregnancy you never know what you are going to get no matter what you do to prepare or how you take care of yourself. Let’s face it I was probably the healthiest I have ever been in my life so it was the PERFECT environment for pregnancy. Once the initial shock wore off, which did not take long let’s just be honest, we were excited. In line with being honest, my husband was stoked at the first thought that we might be pregnant. I tell everyone that he would have five hundred children if I would birth them all. But with number three, I knew without a doubt I wanted to do a water birth. Because of how taxing and exhausting pregnancy and delivery can be for your body it seemed like the perfect opportunity to put what I had learned about yoga to the test. I wanted this birth to be a whole new experience. My first pregnancy was great and the delivery was only slightly challenged. I wanted to do a water birth with her but I did not have a good support system and considering it was my first I was easily influenced to make “normal” decisions. I am not really sure why I did not consider water birth for my second but it is probably a good thing because it was a less than easy pregnancy not to mention he had a few things that needed the care of doctors after delivery. I was determined this pregnancy AND the delivery would be the ultimate experience and a joyous one that would complete our little family with a BANG! You know they say “what the mind can conceive and believe it will achieve”. We did just that!

The Birth House Wylie, TX

I will say your support team makes a HUGE difference! I have to first commend my little family because they really stepped it up for me. The support was beyond what I had imagined and it made all the difference in the world. More about that and those guys a bit later. My husband and I set out fairly quickly interviewing midwives. We got a few recommendations from our family chiropractor Dr. Marzluff at T3 Chiropractic. We actually only interviewed two, we had appointments with four, but after interviewing Kristy Hammock we both knew she was the one. The Birth House in Wylie first of all is absolutely stunning! Walking in we both knew right away that this was where we wanted to bring our little one into the world. Unlike the other place we went, which felt stale and much like a doctor’s office, here we felt at home. Yes it is in an old house which helps, but the energy and the decor sets the tone for what you are going to experience. When we met Kristy I felt like I already knew her. She was genuine, knowledgeable, and so very kind. I felt like I mattered, like my experience mattered and that was so important to me. I did not feel that with either of the OBGYN’s I had in the past. 

31 Weeks
Extended Hand to Big Toe Pose
Utthia Hasta Padangustasana

My pregnancy was so smooth. WIth the exception of the normal end of pregnancy discomfort, it being impossible to get good sleep or find comfort, along with the heartburn I felt GREAT throughout! I continued yoga until about the last month when yoga just became uncomfortable. I visited my chiropractor Dr. Marzluff weekly for an adjustment and that helped tremendously with the discomfort and preparation for delivery. I did have several “cheat days” when I just could not ignore the cravings, but for the most part I remained at least a vegetarian throughout my pregnancy. My blood pressure was always good, my mood was for the most part great, and the baby always had a good little heartbeat. We did not want to know what we were having but I just knew it was a girl. I was feeling super feminine and was having all the feels! Bouts of tears here and there and the urge to dress up all the time. We did not care either way and just love the idea of it being a surprise. 

Fast forward to the end of the pregnancy… At around thirty six weeks I knew I was not going to go much longer. I know my body really well and I could feel the preparation taking place. My other pregnancies went a week and two past the due dates so in the beginning we were thinking we would have a little Valentine baby, but that would not be the case. At thirty nine weeks sitting in a city council meeting watching my husband speak labor started. I was having contractions steady every few minutes and they were intensifying. It was the world’s longest council meeting I was tired and starving. We left the meeting around 9pm and went for food. While at the restaurant my water broke. At first I was not sure because this time it was not a rush like I had experienced before. I was determined to finish my food as I was about to embark on a marathon and needed that fuel to get me through. We called Kristy and she met us at The Birth House. I was on quite the high from the city council meeting, it was a big night for us. We were there discussing a rezoning for a place we wanted to relocate our business to, I was not really taking in what was happening. Kristy was certain that I needed to get some rest and that I had time before the BIG entrance of our little one. She gave me the option of staying there or going home. This is my one regret with the delivery process. I really wish I had stayed there because I just could not really zen out after this and that made my experience more high energy from panic. This was new for me and I did not know what to expect and I got in my head when things got intense. Getting in the car later really offered up a disconnect from where I wanted to be mentally.

So my husband and I went home. I tried to sleep. The hubs was a huge help with that, rubbing my head, repeating mantras, breathing with me, trying to keep me calm. When things got intense just before 1AM that is where I lost all zen! I told him to call Kristy, I knew it was time. By the time we got there it was around 1:30AM. Kristy had the bath going and the space was ready for us. She checked my vitals and in the bath I went. The contractions were so intense. Natural birth is so indescribable! It is pressure, it is incredible, it is connective, it is INTENSE! I was feeling out of body for sure. It was like I was watching myself from above but could see what was happening inside myself. CRAZY TRAIN I know but like I said it is hard to explain. I knew exactly what was going on because I could feel it all! I know now I am a mother fucking warrior! Do not be mistaken there were times of doubt. I remember telling my team “I cannot do this, take me somewhere, it is too much”. They continued to remind me how strong I was. I remember Kristy said at one point “Dana you are no hostage to this place but I know you can do this and you are doing great.” It was those reminders that got me through. It was making sure ahead of time that my team knew my plan, knew to keep reminding me of that plan, and knew that this was without a doubt the experience that I wanted. I cannot tell you how grateful I am for that and without them there was no way things could have gone the way they did. They were my ROCK! I remember telling Kristy it was time, the baby was definitely coming. I felt it, I knew!! She was doubtful considering I had not really dilated when she last checked me, but she respected that I knew what was happening. And then she knew! She was shocked we had progressed so quickly but indeed it was time, this baby was making it’s grand entrance!! Three BIG contractions and that was all it took. One thing about this part that was mind blowing is you really do not have to push and I (well I guess we all) envision this crazy business of pushing but that is what the contractions do. Your body is an amazing thing especially when you allow it to operate in the manner it should! My husband was planned to catch June but I just could not let go of his hands. He was in a chair behind me and I did not want him to leave. I needed his touch, I needed him behind me, it was like he was my guide and I could not get through without him there. Kristy was amazing and so calm through the whole entire experience. Those two kept the it zen and made the experience what it was. Baby made entrance to this BIG world at 2:27AM. 

I never got to hold either of my other children right after delivery. They were both immediately taken from me because we had fevers. The stress of a hospital and all their “interventions” I am certain were the culprit! When Kristy handed me my beautiful baby all I could think was I DID IT!!!! I remember looking at Kristy and telling her “I DID IT!!!” Baby was with me and no longer inside of me. I do not know how much time passed by before I realized I still did not know whether we had a boy or girl. I did not even care. I was in such a euphoric state. Well a baby girl indeed, healthy, perfect, weighing in at 8.1 lbs and just over 19 inches long! She was perfect. The whole thing was just perfect. Just as we had intended. 

Sister Love
Kristy helping Big Brother listen to Little Sister’s heart

I cannot tell you how much I appreciate Kristy throughout the entire nine months and those few hours of delivery when I needed her the most. Dr. Marzluff came to The Birth House right after delivery to adjust and check out the baby. I was home by 5AM and slept in my BIG bed with my whole family together. You cannot do that in the hospital. The love in that room was far too BIG for any hospital anyway! The care after by Kristy was just as great as the care during. She came to our house several times and checked our vitals, the baby’s weight, filed the birth certificate, did all the newborn screenings, and most importantly genuinely cared how I was feeling emotionally. No one does that, with my experience anyway.  And while I have felt nothing short of a warrior since that moment I brought this beautiful baby into this world it was and will always be important that she cared to know. Women need that! Postpartum is a very REAL thing and most women hide it because they are scared or ashamed. I did with my second and it was horrible. One week after delivery, baby girl and I went to our first visit at T3 for a scan and adjustment. We continue to see Dr. Marzluff weekly for adjustments, baby is a healthy 10lbs 6 weeks post and we are both feeling great.

If you are so blessed to be expecting I urge you to know your options. I realize natural birth, water birth, delivery outside of a hospital is not for everyone, but at least know they are options. There is a great documentary called The Business of Being Born, I would encourage you to watch. There is so much unnecessary fear around childbirth, particularly natural, so much that people think you are some kind of freak if you so choose that option. It is far from freakish, it is incredibly empowering. The connection it offers to your baby is beyond words.   

Habits to Transform YOU

Morning Routine!

The early bird gets the worm, I know you have heard that! Healthy morning routines set the tone, promote productivity, and give you control of the day. Affirmations, exercise, journaling, meditation, visualization, reading are some of things you can do to get started on a positive foot! Many of us wake up and grab our phone to check notifications, sometimes even before we leave the bed. Do any of you have a no phone in bed rule in your house? Some just have it with their kids. Why not with yourself and your partner? Immediately checking our notifications or emails puts our mind in that fight or flight mode. There is no order in chaos. Find something to do right when you wake up that grounds you.What do I do? Well before I even get out of my bed I either think about what my intention for the day is or one thing that I am grateful for. I continue this in my journal. I try to journal daily about my intentions whether they be about productivity, my mood, my energy and I include gratitude. What you put out into the universe comes back to you. The more gratitude you have the more you will have to be grateful for. What are your morning habits and routines? Has our current situation changed that for you? It has for me. It has given Clynt and I an opportunity to sit with our kids every morning and journal together, discuss what we are grateful for, and enjoy breakfast together. It has given us an opportunity to really capitalize on a daily routine and gain traction in productivity with projects we “have not had time for”. What stops you from having a morning routine? What would you like your morning routine to include? Please share with me. If you don’t want to add it to the comments send it to me privately.

Champions are built in DAILY PRACTICE!

Dana Ashley

Essential Oils

Another approach to wellness

Essential oils are something that I have incorporated in my wellness journey with my entire family. I recently decided, after lots of research, to join the Young Living family. The ethics and quality this company sets is something I look for as a consumer and the move felt right for me. I wanted to make a short intro post this week that will lead into a LIVE class I will be sharing on my Facebook page next week. This class is FREE and is an intro to oils and the information provided here and in that class are based on Young Living products. Not only is Young Living a company that operates by ethics I can support as a consumer but they also offer great incentives in the way of monthly rewards, ways to get free product, AND supplement income or even be your sole income source. The reason I point this out is because I have a large network of friends that stay home with their kids (which is a HIGH demand job but the pay is NOT monetary) and are looking for ways to either supplement their household income this year or have an income of their own. Whatever you are looking to do this class will be an introduction to oils and at least get you thinking of new ways to elevate your alternative wellness methods. Maybe you are using them now and buy them just wherever you can find them, maybe you are curious about using them, or maybe you have never even thought of incorporating them into your life. This class is for you! I have said before that I feel a great urge to share the knowledge I have gained from my personal wellness journey and know that it has value and will impact others! My wellness journey has many paths and this is one of them!

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated oils produced from plant material by steam distillation, extraction, cold pressing, or resin distillation. They are extracted from botanicals such as flowers, shrubs, trees, roots, and seeds. Young Living has high standards when it comes to business practices. They focus on sustainably sourcing plants, uplifting communities, and adhere to ethical production practices as well as comply with all environmental laws. Essential oils offer many benefits in the way of health and wellness and especially have a place in that mind body connection I am greatly passionate about!

How do I use them?

There are three ways to use essential oils. Aromatic, topical, and internal. Aromatically essential oils can be put into a diffuser, humidifiers should not be used for oils. We have diffusers in every bedroom, in the living room, kitchen, and my husband and I both have small desktop diffusers on our desks. A total of seven in our house and they are almost always running. I no longer use candles, air fresheners, or wax burners.

Topically oils can be used neat (without a carrier) or diluted with a carrier. I recommend starting slow and using a carrier when you are just getting started until you know how your body will tolerate the oils. Every BODY is different so there is no guarantee how each will tolerate the different oils. Carrier oils you can use include olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, or Young Living’s V-6. There are many dilution suggestions available on the great internet so do some looking and playing around with this. I personally have several go to oils AND blends and we will talk about those in the FREE online class next week. I have replaced perfume with them and use them in many other ways topically as well. Topically you can focus on reflexology points for application. The bottom of our feet is a great place to apply because they are absorption points and contain some of the largest pores on our body. Other places include back of neck, spine, chest, and wrists. Eyes and inside of the ears should ALWAYS be avoided. 

Young Living has a line of ingestible oils that are marked Vitality. These can be used in cooking, dropped under the tongue, or by putting 1-2 drops into vegetable capsules and diluted with a carrier oil. You can also mix in tea, water, juice, yogurt, plant based milk and they are great to use while cooking. I love using them in my morning and evening tea!

Essential oils have many benefits and are very versatile. Many oils can be used for a number of things. This is something we will touch on in another post AND in my Facebook LIVE class next week. I do want to discuss quality in this post as it is VERY important. There are several oil grades and along with that things you should be aware of. Starting out this was something I was oblivious to and was just trying to purchase whatever was the least expensive or discounted. WRONG APPROACH!!! I created a chart for all my visual learners out there and you can see that below. Grade A is the Therapeutic Grade. Grade A is pure and unadulterated. Young Living never compromises quality by adding synthetics, contaminants, or cheap fillers. All of their oils are sourced carefully and are Grade A. They have a Seed to Seal sourcing promise and more can be read at  Grade B oils are considered natural/food grade. Natural meaning organic but may still contain chemicals or fillers. Grade C oils are perfume oils. These are altered and contain chemicals and solvents. Then there are Floral Waters, these are very low quality synthetic or nature-like oils. These typically are found in hair and skin products. You know the saying “you get what you pay for” this is absolutely the case when it comes to essential oils. Cheaper is NOT better and in my opinion NOT safe. 

Hopefully this has you thinking and I can offer more insight next week in my FREE online introduction class. Head over to my Facebook page and I will be posting more information about the class this evening. Hope to see you LIVE next Tuesday!

Dana Ashley